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Harbor Inn

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Come enjoy the simple pleasures that Maine has to offer!
Whether enjoying a stroll down the sidewalks of Kennebunkport, relaxing on the white sands of the beach, biking the preserves, or enjoying a kayaking adventure on the river, let us help you make the most of your stay.

The Harbor Inn provides a comfortable relaxing setting along the beautiful harbor within walking distance to many fine restaurants and shops in charming downtown Kennebunkport.

Getting out on the water with family

Feel right at home when Bill, the Police Officer, Farmer, and Innkeeper welcomes you at the door or on the porch. Bill exudes hospitality from the minute he greets you to the moment he waves goodbye from the porch as you leave.

Lisa is proud to support Bill from the back of the house and from their farm. During the day she is a Physician with her own private practice. When she is not at work she can be found assisting Bill at the farm taking care of horses and chickens as well as their two girls, Maddie and Anna.

Speaking of Maddie and Anna! They are chamber maids in training. Their cheerful presence will brighten your stay.

Live, Love, Laugh is the family, farm, and now the Inn motto. Please enjoy what Kennebunkport and The Harbor Inn have to offer and book your stay now! We look forward to seeing you!

Live, Love, Laugh,

The Dries Family

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